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  • Notes on Original: Billboard
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    • If you can't go over

    • SGN 0040
    • Automobiles are parked next to a billboard illustrated with soldiers and a factory with the words, "If you can't go over, come across with good attendance."
    • Automobiles; Billboards; War work
    • Your husband killed in action

    • SGN 0050
    • A billboard illustrated with a uniformed man and a woman holding an infant with the words, " Your husband killed in action at Salerno Bas. How about some action on your part."
    • Billboards; Was casualities; War work
    • We're getting the goods

    • SGN 0120
    • A billboard illustrating soldiers carring supplies with the words, "We're getting the goods; thanks to you; please stay on the job."
    • Billboards; Soldiers; War work
    • We are looking to you

    • SGN 0130
    • A billboard illustrating a soldier and a sailor superimposed on two eyes with the words, " We are looking to you."
    • Automobiles; Billboards; Military personnel; War work
    • Watch your step

    • SGN 0250
    • A billboard illustrating workers walking with the words, "Watch your step; off the job too!" Men and a gasoline pump is in the background.
    • Billboards; Gasoline pumps; Internal security; War work
    • And we're griping

    • SGN 0240
    • A billboard illustrating soldiers at work with the words, "And we're griping."
    • Billboards; Soldiers; War work
    • Let 'em have it

    • SGN 0280
    • A billboard illustrating a soldier holding a hand grenade with the words, "Let 'em have it; buy bonds."
    • Automobiles; Billboards; Soldiers; War bonds and funds; War work
    • Put him on the spot

    • SGN 0270
    • A billboard illustrating a japanese war casualty with the words, "Put him on the spot, stop accidents."
    • Billboards; Soldiers; War casualties; War work
    • Loose talk helps our enemy

    • SGN 0290
    • A billboard illustrating a military officer and a swastika with the words, "Loose talk helps our enemy." A man sits in front of a sign directing deliveries for J. A. Jones Construction Company.
    • Billboards; Internal security; J. A. Jones Construction Company Inc; Signs
    • Pass the ammunition

    • SGN 0300
    • A billboard illustrating a soldier carrying a crate with the words, " Pass the ammunition; O.K. soldier-that's our job!"
    • Billboards; Soldiers; War work
    • Loose talk helps our enemy

    • SGN 0310
    • A billboard illustrating Uncle Sam and soldiers wearing swastikas with the words, "Loose talk helps our enemy; so, let's keep our trap shut."
    • Billboards; Internal security; Soldiers; Uncle Sam (Symbolic character)
    • And you can help speed this day

    • SGN 0320
    • A billboard illustrating a soldier kissing a woman and three laborers with the words, "Home; and you...can help speed this day."
    • Billboards; Soldiers; War work
    • Produce for victory

    • SGN 0330
    • A billboard in front of a truck illustrating a man and woman working in a garden with the words, "Produce for Victory."
    • Billboards; Trucks; Victory gardens; War work
    • If you believe in freedom

    • SGN 0340
    • A billboard illustrating a United States flag and a soldier with the words, " If you believe in freedom; work for it."
    • Billboards; Flags; Soldiers; War work
    • Daddy is my pin up man

    • SGN 0350
    • A billboard illustrating a young child standing next to a portrait of a soldier with the words, "Daddy is my pin up man; you can speed his return."
    • Billboards; Children; Soldiers; War work
    • And may you at home remember your duty

    • SGN 0360
    • A man stands close to a billboard illustrating a solider kneeling with hands clasped with the words, "And may you at home remember your duty." Part of a bridge span can be seen in the background.
    • Billboards; Bridges; Soldiers; War work
    • Ready for anything

    • SGN 0370
    • A billboard illustrating soldiers in battle with the words, "Ready for anthing! Thanks to you."
    • Billboards; Soldiers; War work
    • Who me?

    • SGN 0380
    • A billboard illustrating a laborer with the words, " Who Me? Yes you...Keep mum about this job."
    • Billboards; Internal security; War work
    • Are you backing the invasion?

    • SGN 0410
    • A billboard illustrating soldiers and artillery in battle with the words, " Are you backing the invasion?"
    • Billboards; Soldiers; War work


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