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    • Playground Circus sign

    • 2 MOR 2670
    • A sign with red, black and blue lettering advertising a Playground Circus.
    • Oak Ridge (Tenn.) Recreation Department; Signs
    • Registration at Army-Navy "E" Award

    • 4 MOR 4850
    • Four men, all dressed in suits and ties, stand on a porch or in a room. Two men face the camera and the other two men gather near a desk where a woman, only partially visible and dressed in a military uniform, is seated. A sign on the desk says,...
    • Army-Navy "E" Award; Guest House; Interiors; Military personnel; Women's Army Corps
    • Workers cleaning the pool

    • 2 MOR 3420
    • Four men carry a water hose at an outdoor swimming pool. A commercial area and parking lot are seen past a fence. One business sign, says, "The Oak Terrace."
    • Automobiles; Fences; Grove Center; Oak Ridge (Tenn.) Recreation Department; Oak Terrace; Swimming pools
    • A ruptured hose at the outdoor pool

    • 2 MOR 3430
    • Two men, one holding a broom, are seen behind a spray of water coming out of a hose at an outdoor swimming pool. A commercial area and parking lot are seen in the distance. One business sign, says, "The Oak Terrace."
    • Grove Center; Oak Ridge (Tenn.) Recreation Department; Oak Terrace; Swimming pools
    • American Museum of Atomic Energy

    • 3 MOR 3655
    • An aerial view of a large building complex. An outdoor sign near a street identifies the building as "American Museum of Atomic Energy." Smaller buildings are seen beyond trees and two other building complexes are seen in the far right.
    • American Museum of Atomic Energy; American Museum of Science & Energy; Museums
    • Interior of Oak Ridge Animal Shelter

    • 1 MOR 2060A
    • A room with two rows of tall cages with a sign listing policies on the right.
    • Animal shelters; Interiors; Oak Ridge Animal Shelter; Oak Ridge (Tenn.) Police Department
    • Oak Ridge Animal Shelter

    • 1 MOR 2060C
    • A sign on the exterior of a building that states, "Oak Ridge Animal Shelter."
    • Animal shelters; Oak Ridge Animal Shelter; Oak Ridge (Tenn.) Police Department
    • Oak Ridge Senior Center

    • 2 MOR 2070C
    • Front entrance and parking lot of a one story building. An outdoor sign says, "Senior Center."
    • Aged; Automobiles; Oak Ridge Senior Center; Oak Ridge (Tenn.) Recreation Department
    • MSI number one team in the  Men's City League

    • 2 MOR 3770C
    • Five men, one holding a bowling ball, stand in front of a small sign advertising a bowling tournament. Names of the man and their scores are printed on the picture.
    • Bowlers; Bowling; Oak Ridge (Tenn.) Recreation Department
    • Brownie Troop 519 in Oak Ridge Bicentennial parade

    • 2 MOR 2160C
    • A group of two adults and children walk behind and ride on a parade float in front of Hamilton National Bank. Two girls hold a sign, "Brownie Troop 519."
    • Centennial celebrations; Children; Downtown Shopping Center; Girl Scouts of America (Oak Ridge, Tenn.); Hamilton National Bank; Parades and processions
    • Boston Tea Party float in Oak Ridge Bicentennial parade

    • 2 MOR 2180A
    • A group of girls and one woman ride in a truck with a sign that says, "An event that changed history, Boston Tea Party 1773, Vowell's Glenwood Fifth Grade Cam.."
    • Centennial celebrations; Girls; Parades and processions; Trucks
    • Glenwood supporters at a physical education event

    • 2 MOR 4100
    • A girl jumps along a circle on a gymnasium floor while a boy waits behind her. A crowd of adults and children observe from along one wall of the gymnasium, labeled, Glenwood. A young girl holds a sign that says, "Glenwood." Three adult men observe...
    • Children; Gymnasiums; Interiors; Oak Ridge (Tenn.) Recreation Department; Spectators
    • Officer Stan Givens monitors traffic

    • 1 MOR 1520
    • A man in uniform is using an instrument next to a street. A road sign says, "Key Springs Park."
    • Automobiles; Oak Ridge (Tenn.) Police Department; Police; Uniforms
    • City Defender

    • 3 MOR 3160
    • A sign in a wood frame that reads, "City Defender A lawyer is now available to represent eligible persons charged with any city offense. If you want representation, tell the judge at the time your case is called."
    • Oak Ridge (Tenn.) Politics and government, 1960; Signs
    • Amateur and civil defense

    • 2 MOR 2790
    • A man wearing an identification badge, "W4SUI Jim", points to a generator while a woman observes. A sign on the generator says, "NOVAC Generator for emergency power supply to maintain broadcast facilities in case of power failure."
    • Civil defense; Exhibitions; Generators; Hobbyists; Oak Ridge (Tenn.) Recreation Department
    • Oak Ridge Radio Operators Club

    • 2 MOR 2830
    • One man stands at left. Three men, one holding a microphone, sit in front of radio equipment and a globe. A sign reads, "Oak Ridge Radio Operators Club, amateur radio station, W4SKH/4."
    • Exhibitions; Globes; Microphones; Oak Ridge (Tenn.) Recreation Department; Radios
    • A boy points a geiger counter towards radioactive minerals on display

    • 2 MOR 2840
    • A boy wearing headphones points a geiger counter to minerals displayed on a table while a girl, a woman and a man observe. A sign on the table reads, "These radioactive materials made the atomic bomb and our Oak Ridge possible."
    • Children; Exhibitions; Geiger counters; Interiors; Oak Ridge (Tenn.) Recreation Department; Radioactivity; Rocks
    • John C. Hemperly's model railroad

    • 2 MOR 2980
    • Four boys stand behind a low table displaying a model railroad. A sign says, "exhibited by John C. Hemperly."
    • Boys; Exhibitions; Model railroads; Oak Ridge (Tenn.) Recreation Department


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